Drontal plus for dogs giardia

Life Cycle Clinical Signs The Giardia intestinalis trophozoite vegetative form is a flagellated has thin appendages that move, allowing the organism to "swim" protozoal a class of single-celled organisms parasite that can infest the intestine of numerous host animals, including humans.

Therefore, giardia infestation should be considered zoonoticwith potential to infect human handlers of fecal waste or water contaminated with fecal waste from companion and wild animal hosts! The most common clinical problem associated with giardiasis is diarrhea. The most common clinical sign associated with giardiasis in dogs and cats is diarrhea However, many dogs and cats have no symptoms or are intermittently symptomatic.

Younger animals are more likely to be symptomatic. Sometimes, giardiases is associated with vomiting with or without diarrhea. On occasion, signs of large bowel diarrhea frequent urges to defecate, small volumes and mucus or blood in loose feces may occur.

Direct examination of freshly obtained feces mixed with a little saline solution may reveal the highly motile trophozoites. These are difficult to see in most situations and multiple samples of fresh stool on successive days may be required to make the diagnosis this way.

Trichomonas is also a motile protozoan and must be differentiated from giardia trophozoites. Fecal flotation technique for visualizing giardia cysts is probably the most efficaceous method of diagnosing giardiasis. The recommended flotation procedure involves using a zinc sulfate ZnSO 4 solution prepared to a specific gravity of 1.

Mixing a sample of feces, then centrifuging the mix for a short time causes the cysts to float to the top of the centrifuge tube separated by density The sensitivity of this flotation method for detecting giardia cysts is markedly reduced if the centrifugation step is ignored.

Unfortunately, centrifugation is not commonly included in the fecal-flotation protocol at many veterinary hospitals. Giardiasis is probably underdiagnosed for this reason. It is recommended that a fresh sample be obtained and analyzed every two days examining at least three samples, if the initial sample is negative.

This is because the pre-patent period time after infection but before shedding is long and the shedding of cysts may be sporadic especially when the clinical signs wax and wane. Best samples for detection are ones with mucus. This is a fairly simple way to measure for the presence of giardia trophozoite antigens proteins in feces using the ELISA immune detection system. The specificity is apparently high but not yet published; so if this is true, a positive result is likely due to giardiasis.

However, the sensitivity is not high and a negative result does not eliminate the possibility of that diagnosis. Previously invasive tests e.

There is, apparently, a growing resistance of giardia to metronidazole. The drug is also non-toxic safe in pregnant animals too and efficacious against several other parasites, such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, some tapeworms. However, there are reports of bone marrow depression from use of this drug, so it is not recommended at this time.

The dose of 6. There are minor side effects It is, apparently, converted to fenbendazole after administration, and presumably the giardiacidal activity is related to this conversion.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. What's New? Search titles only. Search Advanced Search…. Log in. Too many ads? Click here to join for free! JavaScript is disabled.

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drontal plus for dogs giardia

Thread starter missjenniferd1 Start Date Nov 1, Joined Nov 1, Messages 3 Reaction score 1. This product includes febantel in addition to praziquantel and pyrantel pamoate.

Febantel is the drug component that treats Giardia. Febantel is metabolized into fenbendazole and oxyfenbendazole after oral administration. Drontal Plus is administered once daily for 3 to 5 consecutive days for treatment of Giardia. Drontal Plus has been approved for use in dogs. Febantel is, in part, metabolized to fenbendazole, which likely explains its benefit for giardiasis.

Giving veterinary advice isn't allowed under the TCS Forum Rulesand it would be highly advisable for you to phone your vet for guidance concerning dosages. Since the kittens are under the vet's care, it's unlikely that the information will be refused. Jcat is right, and for good reason. I have had arguments with my vets over the years about treatments. Sometimes they are not all up to date with research and I have shown them papers which we have discussed.

Drontal Plus Cães ( Vermicida - Giardicida)

Sometimes they will agree to try something, sometimes there are good reasons why a new idea would not be suitable for my animals, and sometimes we agree to differ. Then you have to decide what to do. But I would say it is dangerous to treat your cat without telling the vet what you are doing, even if you obtained the medicines somewhere else. Drugs can interact with bad effects, or you may overdose without realising it.

You say you yourself you are confused about the dosage, looking at the instructions, and dog dosages are often not good for cats. A good vet will know you have your cat's best interests at heart, and will work with you.

I would be open with the vet, and if you don't feel confidence in the diagnosis, then go and find a second opinion. These are strong drugs you are dealing with, and giardia is a nasty bacteria, so I would not proceed without qualified help.

I just want to add that when I took in two kittens with giardia some years ago, metronidazole was the drug we used, and it took three courses to clear the infection, but it did work in the end. W e did try other antibiotics to no avail. It is not an easy thing to get rid of. Last edited: Nov 2, Each size is scored for convenient oral administration.

Drontal® Plus (praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate, febantel) Tablets for Dogs

Praziquantel is active against cestodes tapeworms. Praziquantel is absorbed, metabolized in the liver and excreted in the bile. Upon entering the digestive tract from the bile, cestocidal activity is exhibited.

Because of this, whole tapeworms, including the scolices, are very rarely passed after administration of praziquantel. In many instances only disintegrated and partially digested pieces of tapeworms will be seen in the stool. The majority of tapeworms are digested and are not found in the feces.

Pyrantel pamoate is active against hookworms and ascarids. Pyrantel pamoate acts on the cholinergic receptors of the nematode resulting in spastic paralysis. Peristaltic action of the intestinal tract then eliminates the parasite.

please help me interpret what this dosage means giardia drontal plus

Febantel is active against nematode parasites including whipworms. Febantel is rapidly absorbed and metabolized in the animal.

Laboratory efficacy and clinical studies conducted with Drontal Plus Anthelmintic Tablets demonstrate that each of the three active ingredients act independently without interference. The combined tablet formulation provides a wide spectrum of activity against the indicated species of intestinal helminths. Dogs treated with elevated levels 6 consecutive days with 3 times the labeled dosage rate of the combination of febantel and praziquantel in early pregnancy demonstrated an increased incidence of abortion and fetal abnormalities.

There are no known contraindications against the use of praziquantel or pyrantel pamoate in dogs. Strict hygienic precautions should be taken when handling dogs or feces suspected of harboring E.

drontal plus for dogs giardia

The animal should be held in the clinic during this interval and all feces should be incinerated or autoclaved. If these procedures are not possible, the eggs can be destroyed by soaking the feces in a sodium hypochlorite bleach solution of 3. Weigh the animal before treatment. Administer the proper dosage as specified in the following table as a single oral treatment.

The tablets may be offered to the dog by hand. Alternatively tablets may be given directly by mouth or offered in a small amount of food. Fasting is neither necessary nor recommended prior to or after treatment. For those animals living where reinfections are likely to occur, clients should be instructed in the steps to optimize prevention; otherwise, retreatment may be necessary. This is true in cases of Dipylidium caninum where reinfection is almost certain to occur if fleas are not removed from the animal and its environment.Giardia is a type of protozoan parasite that can affect a number of animals, including dogs and humans.

Because it can be spread from animals to humans, it is considered a zoonotic disease. The disease caused by Giardia infection is called giardiasis, and its most common symptom in dogs is diarrhea. Giardia is not a worm, but a microscopic, single-celled parasite.

There are numerous species of Giardiaand not all have been identified. However, it is known that Giardia can exist in two forms--trophozoites and cysts. Trophozoites are the active form and have long whip-like appendages called flagella, which enable them to swim throughout the intestines of a host.

Trophozoites can also form cysts that are designed to survive outside a host's body. The cysts thrive in cold water, living for one to three months. Viability decreases as water warms. They can survive in cooler soil temperatures for up to 7 weeks and for about a week in warmer soil or on surfaces.

Fortunately, evidence shows that dog-to-human transmission of Giardia is rare. Some dogs display general malaise, lethargy, and loss of appetite.

drontal plus for dogs giardia

If left untreated, giardiasis can lead to weight loss, malnourishment, dehydration and more. Your veterinarian will usually only test specifically for Giardia if your dog is sick. However, routine wellness parasite screening may reveal the presence of Giardia.

Giardiasis is not as simple to diagnose as some other common intestinal parasites because it is not consistently shed in the stool due to the organism's life cycle. There are a few ways Giardia can be detected by a veterinarian. A combination of tests, often performed using fecal samples collected on different days, may be needed before giardiasis can diagnosed. There are a few ways Giardia infection can be treated in dogs.

Although not approved by the FDA, metronidazole is one of the most commonly used drugs to treat giardiasis in dogs. Though less commonly used, some vets may prescribe a broad-spectrum dewormer called Drontal Plus combination of febantel, pyrantel pamoate, and praziquantel to be administered daily for 3 days. However, this may be cost-prohibitive. Talk to your vet about the best drug options for your dog.

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Regardless of the medical treatment used, it is important that you do your best to eliminate Giardia from your dog's environment. This will help prevent other animals including humans from contracting Giardia and your dog from becoming reinfected.

Merck Veterinary Manual, Overview of Giardiasis. Moron-Soto, Mario et al.

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Efficacy of nitazoxanide to treat natural Giardia infections in dogs. If you suspect your pet is sick, call your vet immediately. For health-related questions, always consult your veterinarian, as they have examined your pet, know the pet's health history, and can make the best recommendations for your pet.

Article Sources.

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The Spruce Pets uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.The administration of three consecutive daily doses of the recommended 1x dose of Drontal Plus flavour tablets Bayer was examined for its effect on Giardia sp.

Dogs were treated on study days 0, 1 and 2. Cysts were quantified using direct immunofluorescent labelling on days -7, -5, -3 and -2, and daily from day 1 through Three treated dogs never shed cysts again during the study, one shed again only on day 4, and the remaining three dogs started to shed again on days 8, 9 and Four controls that had been consistently positive, changed to negative status on day 11, and thus, on the final day of the trial, there were only three positive control and three positive treated dogs.

Three consecutive days of treatment with Drontal Plus flavour tablets halted Giardia sp.

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But starting six days post third treatment, some of the dogs started shedding cysts again. Since the prepatent period of Giardia sp. Abstract The administration of three consecutive daily doses of the recommended 1x dose of Drontal Plus flavour tablets Bayer was examined for its effect on Giardia sp.

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drontal plus for dogs giardia

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