Rcsb turbo silverado for sale

This kit has been in development since early and is now on the shelf, ready to ship. Our turbo system is a bolt on design that has a very clean and simple install. Now that we have been shipping for quite some time, we have gotten a lot of great feedback from customers. One of our favorite quotes from a customer was when they stated, This thing makes so much torque my truck would pull my camper straight up a tree. Once the turbo system is installed and setup, the drivability doesnt even change.

We have daily driven our shop truck for the past year to prove this. If anything it actually improves as the turbo is very responsive and the 70mm is quick to make boost. So with lightly accelerating, you will find yourself not pressing the gas pedal as hard with the better throttle response.

This is also due to the new found power your truck will be making mid-range as well. We designed the kit to use the stock driverside manifold. Each of the kits come standard with the On 3 Performance 70mm turbocharger and we have options to go anywhere from the 70mm to our newest 78mm. We have a completely custom turbo manifold unlike any others currently on the market which is completely divided from bank to bank.

Its not the typical log manifold that most make and run the driver side bank into. We have both banks completely separated up to the turbo flange which makes for a very cool looking and functional header.

With the truck engine bay being so open, we a good amount of room to work with for the wastegate as well. So we have great positioning right at the t4 flange to keep good control over the boost. Included with each turbo system is the On 3 Performance 44mm v-banded wastegate which is loaded with a psi spring.

To expel all the exhaust from the turbo, we designed a 3 to 3. This is all constructed from thick, almost 3mm wall tubing which has been proven to stand up to the abuse.

The complete cold side of our turbo system is designed using 3, all aluminum tubing to help dissipate heat, keep the iats as cool as possible and reduce weight. All the tubing is bead rolled to keep the couplers tight when in boost and prevent popping couplers. Not only that, we included stainless t-bolt clamps which provide more clamping power than your traditional worm clamps some use. All of our custom On 3 Performance couplers are 5 ply and come standard as well with each kit.We are willing to accept new orders but for the time being you will have to call in to reserve your kit for our newest production run.

This year has been challenging and its extremely hard to keep up with the demand. This will sell out before they are available, all spots must be paid in full to make a reservation.

Thanks for your patients. This is the ultimate bolt on upgrade for your truck that most mechanically inclined individuals will be able to accomplish over a weekend. Our turbo system is a bolt on design that has a very clean and simple install. This is a perfect system for those looking to make the extra power to pull a camper or trailer that needs that extra push.

During testing, we had our truck hooked up to our car trailer to get some real world testing data. For those into street driving and drag racing, this system has you covered as well. If anything, it actually improves as the turbo, is very responsive and the On3 70mm is quick to make boost.

2014 Silverado RCSB Supercharged

So in light acceleration situations like merging on the highway, for instance, you will find yourself not pressing the gas pedal as hard— with a much better throttle response. This is also due to the new found power your truck will be making mid-range as well. We started with our already proven platform and utilize the factory manifold on the driverside Tubular Upgrades Available. From there we made a crossover that brings the exhaust over to our custom fabricated, cast stainless steel turbo manifold.

This is an extremely durable design, around 2x as thick of material used when compared to your traditional hand fabricated turbo headers. This is going to provide you longevity and withstand the continuous heat cycles the truck will be put through. Each of the kits come standard with the On 3 Performance 70mm journal bearing turbocharger and we have options to go anywhere from the 70mm to our newest 76mm BMF.

Also we stock many CNC billet wheel upgrades if you are looking for the highest quality and most aggressive profile wheels that we offer. These will make for a quicker spooling turbo, lighter, extended tip, as well as a stronger overall product. Also, for towing applications, we do have a few ceramic ball bearing variants.

It is completely divided from bank to bank, it does not merge one bank into the back of another like most other truck designs. This is quite important when it comes to tuning the trucks as you will be able to accurately monitor each bank. With our On 3 44mm V-banded wastegate on the prototype 5. Clearly it will hold at higher amounts of boost, but as you know the wastegate is flowing more air volume at lower boost pressure so that is the real test. To expel all the exhaust from the turbo, we designed a 3.

Working your way back from there, we also include an adapter to tie into the factory exhaust connection if required. Without getting deep into the drive pressure data vs.The T ruck was purchased new in Searcy Arkansas and was driven by the original owner until I purchased it in Since the build I have driven the truck miles and it has been a blast. Will go up some as we still drive it We left the exterior as is since it was in such good shape.

Was told by the original owner the truck has had only one repaint. This truck presents well, doors and tailgate open and close very good and is a very tight truck. The rear is a factory 12bolt with an aftermarket Detroit locker. Custom driveshaft by Kegs in Jonesboro Ar. Engine is a LS LQ4 6. Fuel is delivered by a rear tank mounted under the bed with an in-tank Stealth pump.

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The original cap is still on the side of the truck with a block off plate inside no tank inside cab. Inside of the bed is straight with no dents and has a spray in bed liner. Jack and tire tool is under the front seat. Brakes are new on all 4corners. Tires were new and have on them as well. Transmission is a built 4L70E speed with overdrive. LS6 accessories were installed along with the LS6 intake.

rcsb turbo silverado for sale

Dual fans, one comes on at temp and keeps the truck running cool and the other will come on when the Vintage Air is turned on. All lights and electrical work as should. Hot heat and Cold air. This setup is built to run 93 pump gas and runs on 9Lbs of boost with the current T72 turbo setup. Gauges are Dakota Digital that light up blue at night and all work perfectly.

Truck holds great oil pressure and is very dependable. Stereo is an Aftermarket GMC Digital vintage stereo with aux cord in glovebox to listen to your music on any digital device. Amp bass knob is mounted under the front seat and can be adjusted while you drive. Engine is quite with a good growl when you want to have some fun.

Truck is clean, but does a few small scratches and slight fading in small areas. Zero rust issues. I have had this truck on a mile trip and the best mileage as of date is Truck drives great and smooth and is the best of both worlds in my opinion. I know there is a lot I have missed describing the GMC, any questions just send me a message.

The pics should speak all the words needed, truck has won awards locally. Truck always gets thumbs up everywhere we drive it. We've had a lot of people ask about the turbo and dependability.No shorty-shorties. Engine choices start with a 4. EPA fuel economy estimates are also averaged out by make and model, too, and the best example of this is the MPG ratings of the Silverado and Sierra pickups equipped with the 3.

For example, GMC Sierra pickup trucks tend to have more content and options on average, and therefore have to test at a higher weight class than the Chevrolet Silveradowhich has far more basic fleet vehicles in its mix. Various tires and differing aerodynamics between the trucks play a factor, too. This is because Chevrolet currently offers a 2-inch suspension lift kit as seen on the the Trail Boss from the Chevrolet Performance catalog.


More Silverado accessories can be viewed in the gallery below. Automotive Media Jedi Knight. Not yet the rank of Master. Would love a regular cab trail boss with short bed in the USA.

Absolutely should have swb pickup, look GM, you could be the only one in the market especially in a trail boss.

2014+ Chevy/GMC Silverado / Sierra 1500 Truck Single Turbo System

They already make the things for the Middle East, how hard can it be to let people order one up? If GM wants to be the trendsetter in the truck market?

Bring back the sports truck! Regular cab, standard box is more important for the smaller truck. The Gladiator is too long and pricey. Go solid front axle. A mini-Unimog body style would look good. They can sell: shorter pickups including key shorter crew-cabsuse the Jimmy name on a short SUV, bring back the vans for 3-rows, great trail off-road credibility.

Combined niches give a viable plant volume. Thank you Manoli Katakis for this article. Many, many customers have been wondering and holding out for a GM regular cab short box to purchase that can be loaded up with options. The RCSB customer base do not want, do not use, and do not need the larger quad or extended cab versions of a truck.

The reg cab short box crowd speak of increased maneuverability parking, launch ramp, garage space, off roading — navigating between trees, turning radius, improved braking, acceleration capability, and definitely styling are only a few of the many reasons sighted…the list goes on. Come on guys give us back our trucks! Look how valuable the old square body regular cab short beds are A would be to 50 years down the road.

A trail boss with 6.

rcsb turbo silverado for sale

The reason you do not sell very many RCSB trucks is that they are very difficult to find. I did a lot of off roading in it and it did amazingly well. A trail boss with 2 inch lift would be a good trail truck with the real transfer case. Us people that like to go off road need the regular cab for the size and not a crew cab truck. I would buy a trail boss in a second if I could get one.Set an alert to be notified of new listings.

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Refine Search? Private Seller. Also be sure to view results in. Features include a power sunroof, heated and power-adjustable front seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, and cruise control. Sold new in Florida, the car was relocated to Texas inwhere it has resided since. The car was originally delivered to Alan Green Chevrolet of Seattle, Washington and was acquired by the current owner in Equipment includes Z87 interior group, positraction rear axle, and special instrument package.

Located in Morgan Hill, California, this Camaro is now offered with supporting documentation on a clean California title in the seller's name. Power is provided by a date-correct ci V8 paired with a Torqueflite 3-speed automatic transmission.

The car was purchased new on September 17,in Quebec, Canada, and remained with the same owner until Fully restored by a previous owner, current equipment includes Edelbrock performance upgrades, an optional center console, and a modern audio system. Located in Torrance, California, this Charger is now offered by the selling dealer with a build sheet, the original window sticker, and the factory owner's manual on a clean California title.

This Chevrolet Bel Air 4-door sedan is finished in blue metallic over a black vinyl interior and is powered by a ci V8 paired with a Powerglide 2-speed automatic transmission. Equipment includes air-ride suspension, power brakes, power steering, and custom paint graphics.

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rcsb turbo silverado for sale

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Turbo Silverado for sale


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