Santhoshi matha story in english

Santoshi Mata is one of the most popular forms of the Mother Goddess. She is worshipped by a huge number of Hindus, especially in the north of India. The name 'Santoshi' translates to Happiness and the Goddess Santoshi is often heralded as the Goddess of satisfaction and happiness.

santhoshi matha story in english

When pleased, she blesses her devotees with happiness. She destroys bad luck and fills the household with prosperity. As a form of Goddess Durga, she is considered to be the most peaceful and calm among the other forms.

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The depictions of Goddess Santoshi Mata show her seated on a lotus flower. This is symbolic of the fact that even though the Goddess exists amidst a world that is filled with bad qualities, she still is peaceful and keeps showering her blessings on the needy. It is a unique thing to note that the Goddess Santoshi Mata asks her devotees to stay away from sour things. It can be viewed as a symbol of the Goddess taking her devotees away from sour, i.

Here are the lyrics of Jai Santoshi Mata aarti in English for your Friday prayers

Today, we shall learn more about the Goddess Santoshi Maa and her story. Read on to be enlightened. The Goddess Santoshi Mata resides in an ocean of milk. On this ocean floats a beautiful red lotus. It is on this lotus that the Goddess Santoshi Mata is seated.

santhoshi matha story in english

Sometimes, she is also seen seated on a tiger, which is her vehicle of choice. She has four arms. Three of these arms are depicted holding a sword, a trident or a trishul and a golden vessel filled with rice, respectively. The fourth arm rests in a position that tells her devotees to be rest assured that she would be with them all the time. The arms holding the weapons tell the faithful that even if she is peaceful, she would not hesitate to pick up the weapons if her children are harmed.

The bowl of rice is a representative of prosperity and joy that she blesses her true devotees with. In the north of India, it is believed that Lord Ganesha is a married family man.

He has two wives who are named Riddhi and Siddhi. The two wives bore Lord Ganesha two sons who are known as Shubh and Labh. It was the day of Raksha bandhan. Goddess Manasa Devi, who is considered to be the sister of Lord Ganesha, arrived for the festival. The two brothers were wonder struck.

They wanted to be a part of this tradition of tying Rakhi. They asked their father what the rakhi was for and if they could have one too.

Lord Ganesha explained to his sons that Raksha Bandhan was a festival that celebrated the bond between a brother and sister. The sister ties the Rakhi as a symbol of this bond and the brother vows to protect her all his life. Shubh and Labh were disappointed that they would not be able to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan as they were both brothers and did not have a sister. They turned to their father, Lord Ganesha, and prayed to them to provide them with a sister.Post a comment.

Home About Disclaimer Privacy Policy. Thursday, 5 January Santhoshi Mata Vratam. Goddess Santoshi Maa is a symbol of love, contentment, forgiveness, happiness and hope.

Santoshi Mata Katha

The Goddess, considered to be a daughter of Lord Ganesh, is believed to have a calm nature and offers her followers with happiness and peace. Goddess Santhoshi Mata It is believed that fasting and praying Sanotshi Mata for 16 consecutive Fridays brings peace and prosperity in one's family. According to one legend, the sons of Lord Ganesh, Shubh and Labh, wanted to know the importance of Raksha Bandhan and wished to have a sister.

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Thus, Lord Ganesha created Maa Santoshi. As she fulfilled the wishes of her brothers, she was named Santoshi then. The vrat or the ritual of Santoshi Maa should be held on Fridays, which is considered as her day of birth. Following is the procedure to perform the Santoshi Maa Vrat. You are required to collect the following things for the Santoshi Maa Pooja. After taking bath on Friday morning, place the photo in the pooja place, decorate it with flowers and place a small Kalash.

Offer prayers to Lord Ganesh, to have success in business, to remove poverty and destruction of evil, then mother Riddhi Siddhi. Prayer to wealth, gold, silver, pearl, and other gems. Read the story of Santoshi Maa.

Make the listeners say "Santoshi Mata ki Jai" all the time. Before reading the Santoshi Mata story, fill water in the kalash, and on top of it, keep a small bowl filled with channa and jaggery. At the end of the story, perform Santoshi Mata Ki Aarti and sprinkle water in the vessel in every corner of the house. The remaining water should be poured into the Tulsi plant.

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Distribute the Prasad to the listeners. During the day, ensure not to eat or touch anything which is sour such as Curd and Lemon. This is to be strictly followed. Otherwise, it may lose the benefits of fasts and prayers.It wouldn't be wrong to say that India is the cradle of spirituality. Millions of people in the country believe in the powers of devotion and worship.

Therefore, they perform puja, observe vrata, do Nama Japa, and various other things to seek the blessings of their Ishta Devta favourite God or Devi Goddess. One of the most revered Devis is Santoshi Mata, who is believed to be one of the latest additions to the pantheon of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Interestingly, she became a household name sometime in the s, and her popularity rose after a film based on her appearance was produced. Many devotees, mostly women keep a vrat on Fridays to pay tribute to Santoshi Mata.

They observe a vrat for sixteen consecutive Fridays to complete their Sankalpa vow. And they do so, to please the Goddess and seek her blessings to relieve them from their problems. If you wish to start keeping the Santoshi Mata Vrat, then you must do the following:. Times Now. Follow us on :. Times Now Digital. Farmers decide to carry out tractor rally in a planned way; Delhi Police efforts fail?

Tamil Nadu governor to decide on the release of seven convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. Fire accident in Pune's Serum Institute; 5 people dead.

Himachal Panchayat Samiti, Zila Parishad poll results today.

santhoshi matha story in english

All ministers are together: BSY on reports of discontent. When Varun remembered Titanic while kissing a girl. Panchang, January 20, Panchang, January 21, Maa Santoshi. If you want in Hindi Katha There was an old woman, she had seven sons. Six of them were working hard and one was lazy and not working.

The old woman would make food and feed the six sons, whatever remnants were there she would serve the seventh son. The younger son was innocent and was not aware of this. One day he told his wife - "See, how much my mother loves me?

Till the eyes see, I cannot believe what you say. The wife laughed and said, " Will you believe once you see yourself? After a few days there was a festival in the house. Seven types of food and laddoo [sweet dish] were prepared.

To check out the truth he made an excuse of headache and went to the kitchen and laid down covering his face with a thin cloth, through which he was watching everything. The six brothers came into the kitchen for food. He saw his mother had spread beautiful seats for them and served them the seven varieties of foods.

She was serving them the food with love. He kept on watching. The six brothers ate their food and got up. The mother took from their plates the leftovers and from the pieces of the ladoo, made a ladoo out of it. After clearing the leftovers, the mother called out to the son- " Get up son, the six brothers have eaten and gone. You are left, get up. When will you eat?

I am going out of the country. I am going today only. Saying this he left the house. While leaving the house he remembered his wife. She was in the cow stable making cakes of cow-dung.

He went there and said, "I am going away to another country for some time. You stay in peace and do your duty. I will stay in the care of Lord Rama, Lord be with you. Give me something of yours to remember, in all your worries and work do not forget me.Santoshi Mata Katha tells about a story of how Santoshi Mata blessed the life of a married lady who was in utter pain.

The katha also talks about the process to follow while observing the fast Santoshi Mata Vrat and how to do the vrat udyapan. Santoshi mata ke pita Ganesh, mata Ridhhi Sidhhi; Dhan-dhaanya, sona, chandi, moti, moongon ratnon se bhara parivar; Ganpati pita ki dulaar bhari, Ganpatidev ki kamaayi, dhandhey barkat, daridrata door, kalah-kalesh ka naash, sukh-shanti prakash, balakon ki phulwari, dhandhey mein munafey ki bhari kamaayi, man ki kaamna puran, shok, vipatti, chinta sabh choorn, Santoshi mata key naam, jissey ban jaaye saarey kaam, bolo Jai Santoshi Mata Ki.

Santoshi Mata

Iss vrat ko karney wala katha kahtey sunntey samay haath mein gudd jiggery aur bhuney huey channey rakhey. Katha samaapt honey par haath ka gudd channa gau-mata Goddess Cow khilayein. Kalash mein rakha hua gudd channa sabhko prasad ke roop mein baant dein.

Katha ke poorva kalash ko jal se bharein, uske ooper gudd channey se bhari katori rakhein. Katha evam aarti samaapt honey ke baad kalash ke jal ko ghar mein sabhi jagah chhirkein. Bacha hua jal tulsi ji ki kyari mein daal dein. Sava aanein ka gudd-channa lekar mata ka vrat karein. Savaa paise ko lein to bhi koi aapati nahin. Gudd agar ghar mein ho to usey lein, vichar na karein kyonki mata bhavna ki bhookhi hai, kam zyada ka koi vichar nahin. Isliye jitna ban pade prasad arpan kar shraddha aur prem se prassann man ho vrat karna chahiye.

Vrat ke udyapan mein dhai ser khaja, momandar poori, kheer, channey ka shaag, naivedya rakhein, ghee ka deepak jalaakar Santoshi mata ki jai-jaikar bolein, nariyal phodein. Is din ghar mein khataayi na dalein, aur na aap khayein aur na kissi doosrey ko khane dein.

Is din aath 8 larkon ka bhojan karayein. Devar, jeth, ghar kutumb ka milta ho to doosrey ko bulana nahin. Agar kutumb mein na miley to brahmano ke, rishtedaaron ke yaa padosion ke ladko ko bulayein.

Unhein khatayi ki koi vastu na dein, tatha bhojan kara yatha shakti dakshina bhi dein. Nagad paisa na dein koi vastu dakshina mein dein. Vrat karney wala katha sunkar prasad lein, ek samay bhojan karein. Is prakar se Mata atyant prassann hongi, dukh daridrata door hokar manokamna poori hogi.

Ek budhiya thi aur uskey saat betey the. Budhiya maa chhaon putron ko rasoi bana khilati thi aur peechhe jo kuchh bachta tha so saatvein ko dey deti thi. Parantu voh bada bhola-bhala tha, mann mein kuchh vichar nahi karta tha. Ek din voh apni bahu se bola - "Dekho! Meri mata ko mujh par kitna prem hai! Voh bola "Bhala aisaa bhi kahin ho sakta hai? Jab tak main ankhon se na dekhoon, maan nahin sakta". Bahu ney hanskar kaha- "Dekh logey tab to maanogey?

Kuchh din baad bada tyohaar aaya, ghar mein saat prakar ke bhojan aur choorma ke laddoo baney. Voh jaanchney ko sir dukhney ka bahana kar patla vastra sir par odhkar rasoi ghar mein gaya aur kapde mein se sab dekhta raha. Chhahon bhai bhojan karnein aaye, usney dekha maa ne unke liye sundar-sundar aasan bichhaye hain, saat prakar ki rasoi parosi hai.Each deity came into being for a specific reason, and to impart an essential life lesson. Interestingly, each day of the week is meant for the worship of one particular God or Goddess.

And Fridays are dedicated to feminine power. Surprisingly, Santoshi Mata became a household name sometime in the s. People learnt about her through the Katha that was printed on a pamphlet. Eventually, women started narrating her tales to their friends and relatives, and that's how this form of feminine power gained popularity. Learn more about Santoshi Mata Vrat and how to keep a fast by checking out the links shared below:.

Dukhi daridri rogi sankata mukt kie Bahu dhan dhany bhare, ghar sukh saubhagy diye Jai Santoshi Mata.

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Sharan gahe ki lajja, rakhiyo jagadambe Sankat tu hi nivare, dayamayi ambe Jai Santoshi Mata. Santoshi ma ki aarti, jo koi nar gaave Riddhi siddhi sukh sampati jee bharakar pave Jai Santoshi Mata. Times Now. Follow us on :. Times Now Digital. This Friday, sing the Santoshi Mata Aarti to conclude your prayers as per the vidhi. Check out the lyrics in English below. Farmers decide to carry out tractor rally in a planned way; Delhi Police efforts fail?

Tamil Nadu governor to decide on the release of seven convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. Fire accident in Pune's Serum Institute; 5 people dead.

Himachal Panchayat Samiti, Zila Parishad poll results today. All ministers are together: BSY on reports of discontent. When Varun remembered Titanic while kissing a girl. Australian crowd abusing made me mentally strong: Siraj.

Panchang, January 20, Panchang, January 21, She is venerated as "the Mother of Satisfaction", [1] the meaning of her name. Santoshi Mata is particularly worshipped by women of North India. A vrata ritual fast called the Santoshi Maa vrata performed by women on 16 consecutive Fridays wins the goddess' favour. Santoshi Mata emerged as a goddess in the early s. Her prayer initially spread through word of mouth, vrata -pamphlet literature, and poster art. Her vrata was gaining popularity with North Indian women.

However, it was the Bollywood film Jai Santoshi Maa "Hail to Santoshi Maa" —narrating the story of the goddess and her ardent devotee Satyavati—which propelled this then little-known "new" goddess to the heights of devotional fervour. With the rising popularity of the film, Santoshi Mata entered the pan-Indian Hindu pantheon and her images and shrines were incorporated in Hindu temples. The film portrayed the goddess to be the daughter of the popular Hindu god Ganesha and related her to the Raksha Bandhan festival, however, it had no basis in Hindu scriptures.

Some of the audience entered the theatre barefoot, as in a Hindu temple, and small shrines and temples dedicated to the goddess, started springing up all over North India. The success of this low-budget film and media reports of the "sudden emergence of a modern celluloid goddess " resulted in scholarly interest in Santoshi Mata. Art historian Michael Brand suggested Santoshi Mata emerged in the early s with the establishment of five widely spread temples in North India.

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Her iconography also was crystallized in this period and slowly spread through poster art. Her cult spread among women through word of mouth, pamphlet literature, and poster art. Hawley notes: "As her film brought her to life, Santoshi Ma quickly became one of the most important and widely worshiped goddesses in India, taking her place in poster-art form in the altar rooms of millions of Hindu homes.

Her new devotees could immediately recognize many of her characteristic moods and attributes, and feel them deeply, because she shared them with other goddesses long since familiar to them. Santoshi Mata's characteristic posture standing or sitting on a lotus mirrored that of the goddess Lakshmi Shri.

santhoshi matha story in english

The weapons she held—the sword and the trident—are traditional attributes of the goddess Durga. Hawley notes that although a temple dedicated to Santoshi Mata existed in Jodhpur before the release of the Jai Santoshi Maabeforethe same temple was dedicated to a goddess called Lal Sagar ki Mata—The Mother of the Lal Sagar Lake, on whose banks the temple is situated. He further notes that the fact that Santoshi Mata expected the inexpensive raw sugar and roasted chickpeas—associated with the "non-elite"—as offerings in her vrata and her benevolent nature made her popular with the masses.


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